Social Customer Service: The Pivotal Driver of the Social Enterprise

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The social customer is a no longer a new breed of consumer – they’re the rising majority. They post their opinions and reviews online in public forums, blogs, Facebook, Yelp, and they don’t hold back. These posts can have a huge impact (either good or bad) on your business.

In this white paper, noted business strategist and social media expert Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, outlines the challenges and risks associated with managing social customer service, offering a few examples of brands negatively impacted by negative social media interaction, and outlining a strategy for building a socially enabled modern contact center.

  • A set of data-backed arguments for why marketing should partner with customer service to handle social
  • Real-world examples of what can go wrong when customer service isn't involved in social
  • How a socially enabled contact center can enable departments across the organization


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