Omnichannel Accelerates Contact Center Success Metrics

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As organizations increasingly focus on improving the Digital Customer Experience (DCX), one initiative that is delivering measurable success is adding omnichannel capabilities. By integrating various digital channels and the associated customer data, companies can reduce customer frustration. This is why omnichannel is so crucial for a successful DCX strategy.

Produced by Nemertes Research, this white paper covers: 

  • Companies see a 31% average improvement when they adopted omnichannel in their contact centers. Which metrics improved the most, and why? 
  • How are companies securing budget for omnichannel adoption? 
  • Why do companies with omnichannel see improvements in their agent turnover rates?
  • What are some of the key characteristics of omnichannel that can help you succeed? 
  • Analytics are key across the board for Digital Customer Experience. What role do they play in omnichannel communications and success rates? 


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