Transforming from Contact Center to Digital Engagement

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In the spring of 2017, Nemertes Research interviewed nearly 800 global IT and business leaders to understand what Digital Transformation means them, their business, and their customers.  The findings were published in their paper, Transforming from Contact Center to Digital Engagement (link at bottom of page.) 

In this webinar, Irwin Lazar, Vice President & Service Director at Nemertes Research, discusses their research and findings in more detail, and provides a step by step guide for building a business plan for Digital Transformation success.

What we'll cover:

  • Digital Transformation and how it relates to customer engagement & customer satisfaction
  • New Opportunities for customer revenue (and possibly reducing expenses)
  • Framework for developing Digital Transformation strategies
  • Overview of emerging technologies
  • Steps for planning, achieving funding, and executing a business case


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