Is it Time to Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud?

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The cloud is becoming a compelling, strategic option for businesses to transform how they address customer experience. In fact, a recent industry survey of 380 contact center professionals revealed that 21% of contact centers are already using the cloud. Another 38% are currently in the planning stages or in the process of moving to the cloud. 

So what’s holding back the 41% not considering the move? In spite of all the documented benefits associated with the cloud, contact centers have been more cautious than other areas of the business to adopt this transformative technology. 

We wanted to find out why so we analyzed findings from a recent industry survey. Download our report to understand how other industry leaders evaluate potential migration to the cloud. Learn what you need to consider as you think about: 

  • Reliability of the cloud versus on-premise solutions 
  • The cloud’s greatest benefits 
  • Biggest migration concerns 

We believe you’ll find these perceptions helpful in deciding if the cloud is right for your contact center. 


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