3 Smart Strategies for Empowering an At-Home Workforce

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Remote call center staffs are becoming increasingly popular. A 2017 survey of 90 US contact center organizations indicated that 70% are expanding their work-at-home programs. 

It’s easy to see why. Managers can more easily match agent supply to demand, reducing the need for onsite agents. Organizations can save money by downsizing brick and mortar locations.  Plus, the call center can tap into a larger pool of qualified agents who need the flexibility that at-home work provides.   

Yet with all these benefits come new challenges. Managing and motivating remote agents can be more challenging than doing the same in house. Plus, you need to ensure your at-home agents are equipped with reliable Internet and voice connectivity – even though your IT department isn’t onsite with them. 

Fortunately you can apply proven strategies to address these challenges. Download our guide on Smart Strategies for Enabling an At-Home Workforce to understand the best ways to: 

  • Manage the quality of agent interactions 
  • Improve agent engagement with gamification 
  • Ensure network performance and reliability 


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