Making the Most of Cloud CRM with an Integrated Cloud Contact Center

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Once considered merely a useful tool for keeping track of sales contacts, CRM applications have evolved into business-critical systems that support sales, marketing, customer service, technical support, and more. And the latest cloud CRM systems have grown in functionality, enabling them to serve even more organizational functions and support social collaboration within your business.

As more functionality runs on these platforms, cloud CRM solutions are becoming the system of record – filled with a wide variety of business-critical master data and unstructured information that’s needed to run your core processes and make informed decisions. But is this system of record being fully utilized to optimize customer interactions and service experiences across the traditional and social channels used by customers today?

  • What CRMs can and can't offer to a customer service operation
  • How you can enhance your CRM to meet the demands of customer service
  • What to consider in contact center infrastructure depending on your CRM
  • The contact center software Salesforce.com uses in their own contact center


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