Contact Center Security in the Cloud: Questions to Ask & Answers to Expect

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With security being among the top two concerns about moving mission-critical enterprise contact centers to the cloud, it is imperative that decision makers understand that just being able to have an intelligent discussion with cloud providers is not enough.

Identifying the right contact center provider that can be a trusted partner also requires adjusting security-related questions in the RFI. With that in mind, at the end of this paper is a list of recommended questions for an RFI.

This white paper provides contact center decision makers and influencers with the information they need to have an intelligent discussion with a cloud contact center provider’s security experts.

  • Questions to ask on topics across multiple layers of security:
    • Physical
    • Network
    • Platform
    • Application
    • Data
    • People
  • Questions about security industry involvement, including certifications
  • A list of questions to include in an RFI
  • Ideal answers to each question


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