Contact Center Agent Analytics Best Practices

Contact centers have become the frontline in enabling customer experience initiatives across organizations. To be successful, they must have the processes, systems and tools to capture, aggregate and disseminate data that helps agents serve customers better. The resources below will help you understand how contact center information can be harnessed for an exceptional customer experience and competitive advantage.

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Omnichannel Accelerates Contact Center Success Metrics


This webinar delves into why omnichannel is so crucial for a successful Digital Customer Experience strategy. Learn how savvy contact centers are integrating various digital channels and customer data—reducing customer frustration and improving agent turnover rates. 

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The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Interaction Analytics

This is the definitive analyst study of how speech and interaction analytics (IA) can be used to influence cost, profitability and quality. This report shows how IA improves agent and quality assurance, business process optimization, customer experience, profitability, and more.

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Contact Center Trends You Need to Know

Today’s savvy contact center executives are tapping into leading edge ways to improve customer experience. We surfaced the top five trends, including the rising impact of agents on the bottom line. Transform your contact center and deliver a customer experience that stands apart.

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Omnichannel Contact Centers Are Required in the Digital Era

Omnichannel solutions allow agents and customers to seamlessly pivot interactions across channels and devices, without loss of data or context.  Companies with omnichannel contact centers deliver superior CX and are able to better personalize every interaction.

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The Data-Driven Contact Center for Better First Contact Resolution & Customer Experience

Data is the driving force behind emerging business strategies and tactics in virtually every industry.  This paper reports that integrating and analyzing collected data leads to excellence in customer service, increase in first contact resolution (FCR) and superior customer experience.  

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Delivering a Superior Customer Experience (CX) at the Lowest Possible Cost

Business executives responsible for driving a better CX want to focus on their customers, not on the technology supporting service delivery. The integration of cloud contact center applications shifts the focus from IT to CX, helps unlock time, increase flexibility, and free up capital.

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